Life Spring Cleaning: New Mom

Happy Monday!

I don’t know if you guys are aware of this….but tomorrow is May 1. Yeah. And it’s Spring. Apparently that happened in March. You guys are really behind.

Tomorrow being May 1 means that the Kilted Pig’s first BBQ competition of the year is in four days. That my ‘newborn’ baby will be two months old in six days. I return to work part-time in seven days. My whole family is coming to visit in 19 days. The Bolder Boulder is in 28 days. And I return to work full-time in 29 days.

WHAT!!!??? I’m completely unprepared for all of this!

As per usual, I’ve created a LONG ‘To Do’ list.  It includes something from almost every aspect of life. Normally, making a list would make me feel better but as I look from list to baby…. I wonder how much I’ll really be able to get done.

It’s 1:30 in the afternoon and I haven’t managed to shower yet today. Yeah. Getting used to the baby’s schedule (which actually doesn’t exist) has been more challenging than I anticipated. I haven’t quite figured out how to do all the stuff I normally do and take care of the munchkin. I’m guessing that I can’t….which means my list itself needs to be cleaned and it’s time to cut out some of the non-important. We’re doing some Life Spring Cleaning.

But, how in the heck do you do this? Parents? It’s so hard to decide what’s no longer important to me….especially when some things have been important for so long. Volunteering, going to work, playing with the dogs, working out, and keeping our house somewhat presentable are things that I don’t really want to give up. I already don’t cook, so that’s a good chunk of time I save every day (thanks, spouse!).

And then I wonder, do I have to give something up? And if not, how the heck do you fit it all in!? Again…parents?? There’s got to be a way to achieve some kind of balance – giving baby all he needs and all the love I can and getting to maintain some kind of outside interests and life. I see my friends do it….I know it’s possible!

As I work on my Life Spring Cleaning list and try to prioritize, I’d love to hear advice from experienced or new moms on how to balance it all. The info just might be used for a future post…. thanks in advance!


2 thoughts on “Life Spring Cleaning: New Mom

  1. Things will fall to the side that you won’t find as important any more. You must keep working out though. That’s not only your gift to yourself; it’s a gift to your family too…I PROMISE!!! All of the other “non-essential” things will just dwindle away and you won’t miss them. And maybe just doing little bits of things here and there so you stay in the loop would be helpful.

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