Dress & A Ditty: Cream

So there I was, staring at my spouse over dinner, trying to think of something to talk about that didn’t involve the milk consumption, sleeping patterns, or BM schedule of a certain rugrat. I couldn’t come up with anything.

And morning after morning, I sit and stare at my computer wondering what I should blog about. All I can come up with are posts about my blue-eyed baby boy.

When I was pregnant, I complained that I always had the same conversation with everyone I talked to. (When are you due? Boy or Girl? Have you picked a name? Is the nursery done? How are you feeling? Every.single.conversation.)

But now, I’m the one guilty of veering every exchange of words in one direction: the little dude.

So, what’s the deal? I like stuff. At least, I used to like stuff….I just wish I could remember what that stuff was. What did I do before the little man arrived? What did I talk about before every conversation was answering the questions above? What in the world did I write about for the last year???

And then I remembered…. I like adventures. And food. And books. And fitness. I like volunteering. And heroic animals. And epic films. I also like fashion and music.

Eureka! I DO like stuff.

So, in a desperate attempt to burst my baby-centric bubble and to incorporate more fashion and music into this little blog, I decided to start a new series called Dress & A Ditty.

The first ever Dress & A Ditty Inspiration: Cream.

Listen to this song by Cream while you’re trying to come up with conversation starters that aren’t, “My little angel did the cutest thing today…”

And wear this cream shift to the event you signed up for pre-baby (assuming you remember to attend).

Photo Source: 1, 2

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