Movie Mania

So recently I’ve had a little more time than before to relax and kick back on the couch (with a cute little baby cuddled up on me). As a result, I’ve had some time to take in a few movies. I rarely hit the theater and cancelled our Netflix awhile back so I’m a little behind on what’s new in the movie world but was excited to watch the films below (which I think all came out in the last year or so).


Wow! What a good movie! Based on a true story of friendship and cancer, this movie was definitely a tear-jerker (especially when you haven’t slept enough and you’re all ‘new-mom’ weepy), but it was also witty and endearing. Overall, a must-watch.

The Rum Diary

I’m kind of a sucker for Johnny Depp (who isn’t?) so I was definitely looking forward to this one. Adapted from the book by Hunter S. Thompson, this entertaining movie had adventure, humor, and a lot of drinking. If you liked Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this milder tale of debauchery.

Crazy Stupid Love

I liked this cheesy, predictable ro-co. Ryan Gosling took his shirt off. Need I say more?

Morning Glory

A pretty good chick flick. This movie is about a hard-working, young producer of a failing morning news show. I liked the lead character’s quirkiness, flakiness, and work ethic. Plus, the movie was one of those that left you feeling all warm and fuzzy.


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