Dream Job

Happy Monday, readers!

Sorry for the long absence, the last three weeks have been a little crazy! Naturally, the week our little boy arrived was an adventure. Then there was the week I was sick and stuck at the hospital (it was only four days but it felt like a week). And last week the little dude and I started getting used to each other. The schedule in our household was far from normal; I basically took the entire week to rest, snuggle with my little man, and try to learn his sounds, cues, cries, and sleep patterns. So far….. no luck. :) Just when you think you know what the sleep schedule is or what a little noise means, it changes. Thankfully, I have the next couple of months at home with the little dude to figure this out (or at least try to figure it out).

During this time at home (and now that I’m getting used to operating on zero sleep), I’m finding some free time when the little guy is zonked out from a milk overdose. To fill up these free minutes, I’ve done the usual time-wasters….reading blogs, commenting on Facebook, and reading article after article posted on Twitter. I’ve thumbed through parenting books and become intimidated by the vast amount of baby knowledge I lack. And I’ve done laundry (although I usually forget that I washed a load and realize several hours later that it never made it in the dryer and have to re-wash). However, as exciting as all that sounds, I’m getting a little bored.

I’ve started to think about ways to fill the snippets of time I have between diaper changes and the first thing I thought about was work. Then I started to wonder, what would I do if I didn’t have my job to return to? Note: I am returning to work and am pretty sure they’ll take me back when my leave is over. But, just for fun, I let my mind wander….how would I fill my days if I didn’t have to work?

Would I work anyway?  I do enjoy what I do….I get to travel just the right amount, work with graphic designers, try out new social media tools, brainstorm marketing campaigns, and even get to write a little. It’s a pretty good gig. But then I think, I could stay at home and raise my little boy….have a nice garden, do projects around the house, and steal minutes here and there to write a blog, listen to the Beatles, and down another cup of coffee (currently what I’m doing).

Or I could spend all my time working with philanthropies – fundraising, event planning, etc. Or I could go back to school and get a graduate degree in…something. I could be a running coach or become a yoga instructor. Or open a coffee shop and bakery. Or be a writer…. Hmmmm, I like the idea of all of those jobs, especially the writing one (now, if only I could write!).

While I’m not entirely sure what my dream job would be, I know that for the next couple of months I’m right where I need to be. I’m definitely going to get all I can out of being home with the tiny man and hope to fill the hours he’s slumbering with a little of everything above. Read a little, bake a little, start working on the garden, write a little, volunteer here and there, run, and keep up on the latest in my working world. Sounds like a pretty good job for the next couple of months to me.

How about you? What is your dream job? Are you doing it? If you aren’t, why not?


One thought on “Dream Job

  1. I don’t think my present lifestyle qualifies for a “Dream Job”, but my life hasn’t been this rewarding since I raised you kids. It’s a wonderful feeling to appreciate what you have while you have it! I wasted a couple of years waiting for things to improve and ended up missing out on my life during that time. It’s like the old cliches, “stop and smell the roses”, “life’s a trip, enjoy the ride”, “yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, today is a gift from God, that’s why we call it the present”! Love you!!!

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