Bookstore Zen

How do you relax? What’s your favorite thing to do to unwind?

I have a couple of things I really enjoy, but one of my absolute favorites is going to a bookstore. On Sunday, I was determined to just chill out for a bit and let my anxious mind rest so I took myself over to Barnes & Noble. While I enjoyed a half-decaf frappuccino (smoothies are, like, my favorite thing right now), I perused my favorite sections of the store. What are they? The Inspiration/Meditation section and the Humor section (although the Biographies and Bargain Books are up there, too).


I was looking for a book for a couple of friends and ended up with a stack of books for myself. I put them all back, realizing I have a massive pile of baby books I need to read here at home. But it was fun to get lost in the shelves of literature and I think I pulled a couple good options for my pals.

I left feeling much more relaxed and ‘zen’ than I have in awhile. It was a good little afternoon and got me in the right mindset for this week (which is sure to be an exciting one!).

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend as well! Tell me your favorite thing to do when you need to rest a racing mind.


One thought on “Bookstore Zen

  1. My sentiments exactly! It is that experience that makes me confident that ebooks will never totally replace their printed-on-paper counterparts.

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