Here’s to One More Week!

Happy Friday!

I am so glad the weekend is here! And, we only have ONE WEEK left until our due date! I keep hearing that babies are unpredictable so…..he could come at any time!

I thought a quick recap of the Baby List updates might be in order as we’re approaching the end of this crazy nine months.

Updating you on our preparations has been so fun (and therapeutic)! Thank you all for your feedback and encouragement! This is such an exciting (and also scary) time!

1. Decorate & Complete the NurseryDone! Brown & Gold. Sports. And little Cowboys.

2.Write a Letter to Baby & Save for a Time in the FutureIn progress.

3. Get the Spouse the Perfect Dad Gift Done! I haven’t posted it yet because I don’t want him to see it ahead of time. I’ll share with you all after the little guy arrives.

4. Continue Exercising (Cardio & Yoga)Done! With the exception of the last two weeks, I worked out for pretty much the whole nine months. There was a break here and there, and some inconsistency – some weeks only one workout, others four! I can’t say I was perfect or kept it up the entire time but I feel pretty good about what got done. You can read my update here. And here are a couple of pregnancy race recaps: 1, 2

5. Make a Special Welcome Gift for BabyIncomplete :( This project has been put off weekend after weekend. Maybe this weekend it’ll happen?

6. Select God ParentsDone! Read all about my brother and sister.

7. Schedule a Spa/Relaxation DayDone! It was glorious.

8. Write a Thank You Letter to My Mother Done! Yesterday’s Thankful Thursday.

9. Buy as Few Maternity Clothes as PossibleDone! Shared a little advice and my favorite spots to shop.

We’re getting close! Bah!

Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. You can read all my pregnancy posts here.


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