Happy Leap Day!

We’ll take a break from the baby posts today to celebrate Leap Day!!!

Did you guys watch last week’s 30 Rock episode about Leap Day? Hilarious. They kept saying, “Nothing counts on Leap Day! It’s a whole extra day!” Well, I agree…in part. It IS a whole extra day (not sure that nothing counts though…).

Last Leap Year, I challenged myself to do something I never take the time to do. At the time, it was to go to the Fort Collins Museum of Modern Art…I had never been before. It was very fun and after the museum I spent some time exploring downtown FC shops I’d never visited, got a cup of coffee, relaxed and enjoyed a nice afternoon.

This year, I’m thankful for the extra day because I have SO MUCH to get done before this little guy gets here. I’m behind on everything from volunteer efforts to work to housework. I keep saying, ‘I just need one more day!!!‘ One of these days, that’s not going to work! My little man is big and, I think, ready to come anytime (even though his due date is next Friday).

In celebration of Leap Day, I did schedule myself a hair appointment today so I could relax a little and get these roots touched up, so I’m embracing my extra day a bit by taking some extra time for pampering. Should I do something wild with my hair??? 

I don’t know what your situation is but if you can bail out of work early and do an activity you’ve never done before….go for it!  Or if you need to use the extra day to get the items that never seem to get crossed off your to do list completed once and for all…..then do it! Been thinking about getting a tattoo…..GET ONE!

If you’ve been meaning to call a friend, finally sign up for that new exercise program, make a dentist appointment, or write out a note to someone…get it done! Use today to do at least one thing you’re always putting off because you don’t have enough time.

It’s Leap Day! It’s a whole extra day!! What will you do with your extra day!??



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