Baby List Update: #6

Oh my, this baby is getting so close to arriving! Every day I wake up a little more ready to meet him….and a little more anxious!

While he’s been growing and preparing his little body to enter the world, I’ve been creating non-stop To Do lists and getting hung up on weird little details that seem necessary to welcome him. You know, like replacing the handles on my dresser drawers….as if the baby cares? I just want to make a good impression. I hope he likes us.

I’m kind of sucker for weird details. In most areas of life, I jump into the tactical details and skip the big picture planning. (Hmmmm….I see a future blog post coming). Lately, I’ve been worried about hanging the curtains in the nursery and getting the car seat installed, meanwhile the child is still unnamed. Poor baby boy. He has such a neurotic and, yet, simultaneously disorganized mother.

In efforts to get my To Do list under control, I recently started planning his baptism and realized I hadn’t done the most important step….Item #6 – Select God Parents! In my religion, being a God Parent is big deal. It’s a lifelong commitment to a special soul to give them guidance and spiritual strength so they can establish a true connection with their faith.

The spouse and I discussed and selected my sister, Maggie, and my brother, Logan, to provide this spiritual guidance and fill such a pivotal role in our baby’s life. They both accepted! A HUGE thank you to both of them!

Now that the big important step is taken, I can jump back into the details and start worrying if we should have a party after the ceremony, who to invite, what to get him as a baptism gift, and all the other unnecessary, silly details that I’ll let consume me.


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