Here’s to the Spouse!

Today is a very special Monday….it’s my spouse’s birthday!

We celebrated his birthday this weekend with a few close friends at our house for a Winter BBQ. Even though it was his party, the spouse got up early and spent all day smokin’ meats, cooking side dishes, and whippin’ up homemade BBQ sauce. In a word: Delicious. He and the guys ended the night with a poker game…they had a pretty good time. ;)

I typically ramble on and on about my loved ones on their birthdays but the spouse isn’t one for big, embarrassing, public displays of affection (even though only, like, eight people read this blog). I have to say a few words, but we’ll keep this short and sweet.

I am so thankful for my spouse, today and everyday, for all he does for our tiny family. He works incredibly hard (as a structural engineer) and comes home every night to cook a wonderful dinner. As a BBQ competitor, home-brewer, fisherman, and football enthusiast, his hobbies keep us both busy….and full!

As we prepare to be parents, I have been amazed at how calm, cool, and collected he’s been throughout the last nine months. His excitement about being a dad and relaxed energy towards the new projects and tasks that come along with being a parent have eased my ever-growing anxiety about this new adventure.

I couldn’t be more proud of the man I call the spouse and all he’s accomplished. I can’t wait for him to meet his little boy, can’t wait to see what the next stage of life will bring us, and am blessed beyond words to get to take this journey with him.

Happy Birthday, spouse!! I think this will be the best year yet!


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