Thankful Thursday: Surprises

Don’t you just love surprises?

I’m a fan.

There’s the life-changing surprises: an unexpected marriage proposal or even a surprise wedding. Of course, that extra pink line on your home pregnancy test could also be quite a shock surprise.

We all know the classic surprises: an unsuspecting guest of honor is stunned silent when greeted by a group of goofy friends screaming in unison and jumping out of random hiding spots. Or receiving an extra gift from a thoughtful spouse on Christmas when you thought the exchanging was over.

And there’s what I call people surprises, which are my fave’s: meeting a new gal on weekend girls trip and creating strong friendship instantly or clicking with a surprisingly funny person at a networking event you didn’t even want to attend.

There’s also little surprises that keep life mysterious: spying a really awesome tattoo on an acquaintance you wouldn’t expect to have had ink done. Or realizing the song you’ve been absent-mindedly humming over and over is by one of your favorite artists. Or getting a silly text from a friend you haven’t seen in a while or receiving a comment on your blog from one of your blogging idols.

Surprises are just downright fun.

This week, I was given unexpected gifts by two very sweet ladies. I’m very grateful for the unanticipated presents and extremely touched by their thoughtfulness.  I have to say, in both cases, I was very surprised to receive their generous gift and, in both cases, they made my day! On this Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for theirs and all the surprises in life.

Happy Thankful Thursday! Surprise someone with a little love today.

via Cup of Joe

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