You May Say I’m a Dreamer

I don’t know a lot anything about dreams. Except, I know that my mastiff has them…I watch her whimper in her sleep while kicking her long legs as if she’s running. I assume she’s chasing bunnies….or maybe she’s chasing pugs?

My spouse doesn’t really dream. He can’t remember his dreams in the morning and, thus, never entertains me with tales of his nocturnal adventures. I, on the other hand, have incredibly vivid, wildly absurd dreams. I can recall the intricate details of my dreams almost every night. In fact, sometimes I have such real dreams that I confuse reality with made-up events that were created in slumber (read: AWKWARD).

And whenever I dream about another person, I get this bizarre feeling when I run into them in the real world that they know that I dreamt about them. Suddenly, I wonder if they know what I know. Did they dream the same thing? Should I be suspicious of their motives and friendship……. Regardless of what happened in the dream, I’m clearly the creep in the situation.

But, I’ve gotten used to all that. What I am not used to is the pregnancy dreams.


Pregnant ladies have CRAZY dreams. Since I got knocked up, my dreams have been absolutely nuts! I’m talking dreams about my future child, creepy (and sometimes naughty) dreams about my favorite people, and nightmares about my most feared situations (read: anything involving a snake). Blech.

Then there’s the stress dream. Oh, the stress dream! I’ve had the same recurring nightmare for, like, ten years. I have it every time I’m tapped out emotionally. I shared this dream recently with someone. The response: hesitation, nervous laughter, followed by a look of concern.

I’m stuck in the servers’ area of a restaurant that I waited tables in for several years. There are invisible walls around the servers’ area and I can’t get to my tables who all need attention. One needs to order, one table is waiting on drinks, another is requesting more ranch dressing. The more I try to escape my invisible cell, the louder the calls for service are. The stress mounts. My shoulders tense. I’m screaming to get out of the cell!!!!

It’s awful. Since becoming pregnant, that dream has intensified. I wake up dripping in sweat, heart racing, and thanking God that I no longer wait tables for a living.

Then there’s the nonsensical dreams. The ones that seem normal at first and then take you on a disconnected journey to weirdville. You know, like when you dream you’re walking in a convention hall but then exit an airplane to go to a speech your coworker is giving and halfway through the speech you realize you’re actually at a Spanish rock concert and your coworker is the lead singer.

Weird. Preggo dreams are weird to say the very least. I was never told about this little side-effect of growing a human, so, I wanted to give all the other hot mama’s out there some peace of mind.

Don’t think you’ve lost it when wake up after having a dream about your child coming out with red hair and freckles (read: Chucky) and bouncing across giant mushrooms like Super Mario. You’re probably fine.

Crazy dreams are just another part of the pregnancy roller coaster. At least, I think they are. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one to experience the wacky side of bedtime while pregnant….am I?

What are your dreams? Did you have more vivid or wild dreams while pregnant?


4 thoughts on “You May Say I’m a Dreamer

  1. I had some insaneeee dreams!!! One was giving birth, standing up, in the front lawn of our Evans house… To a little Mexican girl about 3 years old.

  2. I have had a certain dream a couple times that I didn’t think about until the way home last night. I totally hadn’t thought about it for a long time… so it’s probably going to happen again now that I brought it up…

    When I was 4 or 5 my ballet teacher played the music to Hansel and Gretel while we were warming up at the barre. She narrated each part of the music and we had to listen to the part when the witch was “swallowing” the kids… That night I dreamed that I was being swallowed by the witch and let me tell you it was super vivid. This was followed by being chased by the heffalumps in Winnie the Pooh.

    Ugh weird. I am not pregnant and don’t have kids so I can’t share any pregnant dreams but I know I won’t be the parent to read Hansel and Gretel to them. Maybe their dad.

  3. I never remember my dreams either….unless I’m pregnant. And I had wacky dreams! When I was pregnant with P, I dreamt that I delivered a girl, in FC, at like 24 weeks… it was strange….

  4. When I was pregnant I dreamt I had a caesarean section at a waterpark-hospital at 18 weeks, and then wondered where the baby was… also dreamt I gave birth to a girl and then got presented with a two year old African toddler which they tried to convince me was mine! xx

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