Here’s to Life!!!!

In 2004, I went to what used to be the Starlight in Fort Collins, CO to see a band my spouse said was pretty good. That band was Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers (formerly The Refreshments).

I fell in love that night in a bad way. When ex-guitarist Steve Larson busted out a cover of Ring of Fire, I melted. When Roger Clyne played Green & Dumb, my heart soared. I was an insta-fan and have been cyber-stalking, as well as real-life stalking, them ever since.

I’ve been to countless RCPM concerts between that first Starlight show and now. I’ve followed them all up and down the Front Range, crashed the backstage to meet the band…..uh…..a couple of times, named my blog after my favorite song, and have been moved to tears more than once at an RCPM event. I LOVE them.

Lucky for me, I get to see them again!!! TONIGHT!!! Roger Clyne and current RCPM guitarist, Jim Dalton, are partnering with Johnny Hickman from Cracker for their 5th annual Three Amigos show at the Road 34 Bike Shop! Bah! (I think I’ve been to the show all five years….)

I’m trying to keep my excitement to a reasonable level; I don’t want to overdo it and accidentally induce labor somehow (although if my son were born at a Roger show,  I wouldn’t really have any issues with that).

I’ve said almost everything I can about the band in numerous posts and if you have some free time this afternoon, please check them out here. If you’re pressed for time, you can walk down memory lane with me in the bazillion pictures I added below. So many good concerts…so many Stacey hairstyles?

Have a great weekend everyone. In the words of Roger Clyne, Here’s to Life!!!



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