The Pregnant Truth

So, if you’re my friend on Facebook, you’ve already seen these photos. For those of you that are not, I just HAD to re-post them for all the world (or my few followers) to see!

Maternity Photo

My dear friend, Jesse, over at freckle photography took these photos for me last weekend and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. I’ve grabbed a few of my fave’s but please visit her blog here to check out the full shoot – there are a lot more!! The sweet words she wrote about being nearby as I learn how to be a mom choked me up and all the images turned out great! A big thanks to Jesse!

Maternity Photo

Baring the belly for camera got me thinking of some of the things I’ve been quite shy about about over the last 8.5 months. Having a blog obviously helps one to express themselves, but it’s often easy to delete the not-so-fabulous and italicize the good. I decided since I’m showing off the my bump in all it’s glory, I’d reveal a few truths I’ve been hiding as well.

Truth #1: I didn’t plan to get pregnant….ever. The spouse and I had no plans to have children other than the furry kids we already have. The idea of being pregnant scared me to death, the idea of going through labor is still incredibly frightening (and child birth class doesn’t help), and the thought of raising a little person is more and more terrifying every day. Clearly, other plans were in store for us.

Truth #2: I’ve gained 39 pounds. Thirty-nine!! Take a deep breath. It’s okay. (Did  I really just post that I’ve gained 39 pounds on the internet?) Pre-bump, I thought I’d be one of those girls with just a cute little ball under my shirt. As you can see….I have much more than a ball. Well, maybe a beach ball? I’ve been trying to keep up working out and I eat a fairly healthy diet, but once again, other plans were in place for me!

Truth #3: The nursery still isn’t done…. and several of my other Baby List items are incomplete, too.

Truth #4: My original due date was February 29th (Leap Year day). Now it’s March 9. This means I still have five weeks to go! I get the, “You must be due any day now?” question quite regularly and I just smile and say, “In a couple weeks!” It’s become too embarrassing to admit I have so far to go when I’m so rotund! If I do admit it, the next question always is, “Are you sure you’re not having twins?”

Truth #5: I haven’t had any weird food cravings. None what-so-ever. Isn’t that lame? I thought I’d be sending the spouse off on late-night runs for ice cream or fried pickles, but instead all I’ve experienced are aversions to things I once enjoyed (like Chinese food) and the need to drink buckets of water every day. If you were looking forward to a post about french fries dunked in a chocolate milkshake, I’m sorry, it won’t be coming.

Ah, telling the truth feels so good. I’d say a weight has been lifted but, well, you saw the belly. :)

Have a great week, everyone!

Maternity Photo


6 thoughts on “The Pregnant Truth

  1. Aww. Stacey.. I love you!! You crack me up!! I am not due till the 22nd of March, but I am going to be induced the week of the 9th.. so maybe our babies will be born on the same day!! ;o) I get all the same comments my friend!! You look beautiful!! I am HUGE!! I have big legs and a HUGE belly!! lol I get told I look like “I’m about to pop”, “wow, you are going to have a BIG BABY”, “are you sure you aren’t having twins”, haha YOU NAME IT!!! ;o/ I am sad to say I have you beat!! I have gained 45 pounds!! I too have worked out this entire pregnancy and feel as though I eat fairly well, but every time I go to the doctor I am up 5-10 lbs!! ;o/ Luckily, my body has finally slowed with this ridiculous weight gain and I didn’t gain any at my last appt!! ;o) woo hoo!!

    You are going to make such a good mommy!! xoxoxo

  2. never be afraid to share your truths about this. those that have not gone through it won’t really believe you and will probably mock you, believing their time will be different. and those that have experience the gift of pregnancy…well, we already knew all of it. :-).
    you are never alone in this journey and although everyone will tell a different tale, its really all sort of the same. scary, intense, unpredictable….and really really NOT sexy. ha ha ha.
    hang in there, the best part is ALMOST here!!!!

  3. Stacey – you look absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing, I am totally jealous of where you are at – can’t wait to meet the little guy!

  4. Love this post :) When you announced your pregnancy via blog, I was thinking back to that day in SD when we were talking about how we were probably never having kids. Life definitely takes command for us sometimes, doesn’t it? You are going to be a positively amazing mother and look beautiful!

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