Thankful Thursday: Perspective

Well, I’m still sick. This morning at 4am when I moved from my bed to the couch in hopes that elevating both my head and feet would somehow cure a simultaneously runny and stuffy nose as well as alleviate back pain, I thought to myself, “I’m not writing a thankful post today.”

In fact, I even considered all the things that I am less than appreciative for and thought we’d do an anti-Thankful Thursday. I mentally listed all the annoyances that bug me right now…like the fact that I can’t eat anything without spilling it on my top, or my hour and a half drive to work, or how badly I want a real beer, or how I seem to have lost my center of gravity and keep running into things.

But, as I counted my so-called hardships, I finally fell asleep and got a solid two hours before the 6am bell rang and it was time to get going. Still grouchy and sick, but a little rested, I stood under a hot shower willing my head to clear up. It occurred to me then that I am quick to complain about the few mornings I’ve gotten up a little under the weather, but I rarely take the time say a prayer of thanks when I get up and feel just fine.

Ah, perspective. Sometimes when we’re put into a uncomfortable or difficult situation, we realize what we had wasn’t really all that bad. Sometimes it takes a bad day to help us appreciate the good days. Sometimes when the big things aren’t going well, we have to focus on the small things.

In the last year, I’ve watched some of my dearest, closest friends struggle with challenges that I can’t begin to imagine. When I compare my measly head cold to the struggles that so many others face, I realize how foolish I am for not shouting out my thankfulness from a mountaintop. My stress over a project or my sadness resulting from a failure pales in comparison to the difficulties and hardships that so many battle every day. Sometimes it takes seeing things from someone else’s point of view to be grateful for what you’ve been blessed with.

For those that are struggling with difficulties that overwhelm every aspect of life, I hope that the battle makes you stronger and will provide you perspective in the future. When faced with another challenge down the road, you’ll be able to look back on this time and know that you’ve overcome difficulties so great that you can handle anything else life throws your way.

Today, I’m thankful for the perspective that allows me to be grateful for everything I have…even this silly cold.

Thankful Thursday Perspectivevia
Thankful Thursday Perspectivevia
Thankful Thursday Perspectivevia
Thankful Thursday Perspectivevia
Thankful Thursday Perspectivevia
Thankful Thursday Perspectivevia

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