Here’s to Procrastination!

Okay, this week was, well…uh….

This was the kind of week that I did a lot of putting things off and not finishing projects.

Instead of finishing my library book, I paid an overdue notice and renewed the book to give myself another three weeks with it. Instead of picking out new carpet for the nursery, I delegated that task to my spouse and required him to have it complete by Monday (I can procrastinate, he can’t). Instead of running on the treadmill, I thought I’d start off a with a few minutes of brisk walking and ended up never increasing the speed.

Not my most productive week, but a good week nonetheless. The first few days of the week were packed with meetings and planning future events which I’m excited and inspired by, but all the good feelings and inspiration just wore me out. I did have some downtime last night (which I should have used to go buy toilet paper but instead I put a roll of paper towels in the bathroom) and I enjoyed the much-needed rest.


So, I say, keep the procrastination going one more day! I’ve gathered up a few fun links around the web below so you can blow off whatever you were gonna get done today and spend the afternoon surfing. You’re welcome. Not every day is an inspirational, productive one.

Oh hey, don’t put off grabbing a drink at happy hour after work…I’d get started on that ASAP. ;)



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