Thankful Thursday: Sleep

I feel like I write about sleep a lot. The thing is, I really like it. I’m lucky because I’m the kind of person that can operate on very little sleep for quite some time…but there are consequences. I’ll crash. And I’ll sleep for HOURS….like 12-14 hours at once.

I started doing this as a teenager. Working late as a barista, playing soccer, school, and friends left little time to snooze. So every once in a while, my Saturday would be devoted to catching a few extra zzz’s.

Then college. Ha! Sleep was not an option between waiting tables, class, parties, rugby games, and extracurricular activities. I’d work myself into a tizzy and then pass out, dead to the world, for the better part of a day or two.

Post-college life, sleep naturally plays a larger role than it once did. I get a more standard set of hours than before but still tend to burn the midnight oil and find myself, after months of exhaustion, crashing on our couch or in the hammock (in the summer) for a several-hour, mid-day nap here and there.

But now, sleep is more precious than ever. During my first trimester, I experienced exhaustion that rivaled no other in my life. I was so exhausted that I didn’t believe I would ever not be tired again. It took over my whole being and I was sure I was condemned to a life of nodding off in meetings, sleeping in my car on my lunch break, and going to bed at 8pm.

Thankfully, it went away. Phew! One day I woke up and actually felt refreshed. Although, as the months have worn on and the bump gets larger, I find myself requiring more and more hours of sleep every night. And I like it.

I lovingly embrace my pillows (which have grown in size and numbers over the last few weeks) while snuggled down deep under my down blanket with my two sleepy puppies on each side. I could spend every moment of the day there right now.

In all the times I’ve been thankful for sleep in my life, I’d have to say that right now might be the winner. I am thankful for my eight-hours, for snoozing, for dreaming, for pillows and blankets, for cuddle buddies, for not needing to count any sheep, for cat naps, and even for snoring. Sleep, I thank you for all your restorative, energizing power.

Happy Thankful Thursday!


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