There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters

‘All kinds of weather, we stick together
The same in the rain and sun
Two different faces, but in tight places
We think and we act as one
Those who’ve seen us
Know that not a thing could come between us….’

Today is my sister, Kate’s, birthday!!! Happy Birthday, sista!

I’ve written about Kate before as someone who inspires me, but only gave you glimpse at truly marvelous person she is. Today, on her birthday, I wanted to tell you why my sister is one of the Modern Day Superhero’s I look up to.

The last year was a big one for my middle sister. She welcomed her baby boy, Paxton, into the world and started the adventure of motherhood. From my view, she’s stepped into the position of ‘Mom’ with grace, confidence, and fortitude. Her unconditional love and the amazing bond she and her little man share move me to tears.

In addition to welcoming Pax in July, Kate and her boyfriend, Clay, busily prepared for their bundle of joy for the first half of the year. Kate’s style and love for our mom’s photography has created a serene and comfortable dwelling for this new little family to call home. Becoming a home-maker and mother all at once, she welcomed her new life with love and devotion.

But these new roles haven’t changed who my sister is at her core. Making time for loved ones above all else, she balances friendship, working, and motherhood while somehow making it all seem effortless. In most of her non-existent free time, you’ll find Kate planning parties for friends, creating surprises for loved ones, and cooking up special treats for coworkers to brighten their day and ensure they know they’re a top priority in her life.

In addition, Kate works as a Natural & Organics food broker. It’s a very demanding job but it fits nicely with her healthy lifestyle of pesca-vegetarianism. She is strong-willed and rooted in her values; always ready to fight for what she believes in while remaining respectful of other opinions.

And you can’t talk about my sister without mentioning her unique style. Inspired daily by fashion icons, MK and Ashley, her look combined with a gorgeous smile, big blue eyes, and great hair rises envy in even the most fashionable of women.

My sister is the true definition of ‘beautiful inside and out’. Her big heart, loving spirit, and strong beliefs are matched by her sparkling eyes, perfect skin, and radiant presence. I truly admire my sister and all she’s accomplished in the last year and every year before that.

I wish you a wonderful birthday, Kate! Thank you for being such a beautiful person, inspiring mother, and dear friend. I love you! 

Lyrics above via Irving Berlin’s White Christmas.

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