Puppy Love

It occurred to me yesterday that I haven’t posted any images of the puppies in a while. So, I had planned to provide pictures of their cute, furry faces with a big long story was about how great they are, how much I love them, and how I love to cuddle with them when we take naps.

But then, I called them inside for a quick photo shoot and my mastiff tracked mud all throughout the house, jumped on the couch, and tried to eat the pug. The pug attempted to fight back and melee ensued.

So, while I still love them, I definitely don’t like them anymore and will not be singing they’re praises.

Here’s a few shots of the mischievous mutts post-rumble…. you may think they look like angels but know that there are little devils behind those sweet eyes.

Mastiff PugOne looks happy, the other has attitude.

Happy Tuesday, folks! Hope you have a terrific day!


7 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. Uggg… I am SO ready for mud season to be over! No place in my house – ceilings included are free from the wrath of a Mastiff’s paws after they’ve been in mud. (Note to self – was the dog door really the best idea?!) After a holiday season with a very naughty Lucy followed by mud…. she’s lucky she’s cute! We must get them together again soon, and if you ever need a break from the puppies after the little man arrives please let me know, they are welcome to come over anytime!

    • Agreed! I cannot wait until she walks in without clumps of mud and grass between her toes! I hadn’t experienced this with the pug…he’s too little to make a big mess. Simcoe was quite naughty over the holidays too….let’s just say I restrung the lights on our tree twice and didn’t hang up any ornaments in the end.

      Would love to get them together soon! Thanks for the dog-sitting offer too, might take you up on that!

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