Resolution 5k

On Sunday, I ran what will probably be my last race before having a baby. At 30 weeks, I felt good running…most of the time…but have a hard time imagining I’ll do that distance again before the little man gets here.

I’ve been jogging/walking about 2 miles per sweat session over the last few weeks and to bring it up to 3.1 was a bit more challenging than I anticipated (you’ll note a significant drop in speed on mile 3). However, I’m really glad that I participated and it was definitely the healthy start I needed for a brand new year.

It was a lovely Sunday morning for a race, not too cold and very sunny. All the runners were given running gloves instead of race t-shirts, so I instantly counted the event as a success (the gloves are pretty darn sweet!). There weren’t a lot of participants (shocking that more people weren’t lined up to sweat post-NYE..picking up on the sarcasm?) but I gathered rather quickly that those that were present were more seasoned runners. I knew one thing…I’d be one of the last finishers.

Understanding and accepting my sure-to-be-last fate, I decided to stand near the back of the group at the start. I typically get myself as close to the starting line as possible so as not to be slowed down but on this day I wasn’t too worried about that.

The run started off a little too fast, I had to pull it back right away but found my groove and kept a steady pace for the first two miles with short walking breaks here and there. In mile three, things started to deteriorate and I had to slow it way down and walk for quite a bit due to a side-ache. Once the side-ache went away, I was able to finish the race at a pretty strong jog. I was greeted with a lot of “Wow,” “Congrats,” and “When are you due?” statements from surprised race volunteers as I waddled my way across the finish line.

My splits are below:

  • Mile 1: 11:44
  • Mile 2: 12:23
  • Mile 3: 13:30 <– SLOW lady!

Add an extra minute or so for the last .1 miles and I finished up at 38:43 mins. Pretty slow compared to this and even this, but completed nonetheless! I laughed at myself when I hit Mile 2 because as I looked at my watch I realized I was already 30 seconds over my fastest time completing an entire 5k (previous 5k PR was 23:36 mins). Things sure have changed in the last 7.5 months!

I should have turned to the side so you can get full bump view…he is a large one!

I’m glad I got in one more race before delivery day and look forward to starting up again next spring! Hope you all had a healthy start to 2012. Good luck with this year’s racing!


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