Thankful Thursday: A White Christmas

Happy Winter Solstice!

Today officially marks the first day of winter….and leaves us with the fewest hours of sunlight. Don’t be surprised when the day flashes by!

Mother Nature is certainly in a wintry mood here in Colorado. Last night, it snowed! I love the fresh-fallen, white, powdery snow (as I’ve mentioned once before). And now this beautiful white landscape is the perfect peaceful backdrop for the holiday celebrations ahead.

I’ve been anxiously anticipating Christmas for months (12 months to be exact) and as you know I’ve celebrated every step of the way with movies, music, shopping, food, holiday decor, and strong belief in the big man in red. But, in addition to all the glitz and glamor, Christmas holds a very special meaning for me spiritually as well. My personal beliefs mark Christmas as the day that Jesus was born and I’ll be celebrating His birth at church and through prayer this weekend.

I’m so very thankful for the peace and promise that Christmas represents. My holiday preparations are complete and today’s winter white world and limited hours of daytime remind me to slow down, thank Him for all I have, and celebrate the sanctity of this most special of holidays.

So, here’s to a White Christmas! Enjoy the sparkle, the simplicity, the magic, the spirituality, the giving, the memories, friends & family, and if you’re lucky, the snow.

Merry Christmas!

White Lights via lisa leonard blog.
Snow! from c-hristmas via {this is glamorous}
White paper packages tied up with string via You Are My Fave.
White Lights via lechuga verde.
White table setting via {this is glamorous}.
Winter via Julian Bialowas.
It’s a Wonderful Life via Design Mom.
Winter Wonderland from Oh, Pioneer! via ebb & flow.

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