Christmas Treats

There are only six days left until Christmas! SIX!!!!! My activities as of late have been holiday shopping, wrapping presents, planning a Christmas outfit, singing Christmas carols, decorating my house, and I’ve even had visions of sugar plums in my dreams. Let’s just say I’m full of holiday spirit.

I’ve also been indulging in one of my favorite aspects of Christmas….holiday treats!! Oh, how I LOVE Christmas-inspired foods (who doesn’t?). There are so many delectable goodies this time of year…it just seems wrong to have them any other time. Like, cheeseballs for instance. In the last nine days, I’ve jammed a cracker into an orange ball of port wine flavored creaminess and let my taste buds implode at the excitement of the salty, sweet Christmas classic not once…but TWICE. And you know why it’s okay? No…not because I’m pregnant (but that doesn’t hurt) but because it’s CHRISTMAS! When else is it acceptable to eat a ball of cheese?

Mmm. Or have pie for breakfast? Or drink eggnog? There are so many edible ways to celebrate Christmas. What are your favorite holiday goodies? For me, the list includes eggnog lattes, cheeseballs (duh), chocolate crackle cookies (heaven with a sprinkle of confectioner’s sugar), warm biscuits, walnut rolls, candy canes, sparkling cider (and every other year champagne tops the list), a whole Feast of Seven Fishes spread, fudge, and hot coffee by the tree on Christmas morning.

Note: My mouth is watering with joyful anticipation as hungrily type this post.

Tonight, I plan to bust out my baking pans and really get to work on some holiday cookies. And I plan to have an EGL every day this week! Hope you have a holly, jolly food-filled Monday!

Images Clockwise from Top Left: Tasty Kitchen, Savory Sweet LifeVintage Rose Garden, Katie Cakes.


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