Cards, Cards, Cards

So, this topic is one that I am highly unqualified to speak of…

See, I’m the kind of  person that usually sends ‘belated’ birthday cards. My Father’s Day card to my dad is still sitting my card box (that I got to help me stay organized and send out cards on time…puh!). And I know the Thank You card etiquette rules and wait until the last possible second of the appropriate timeframe to send them out.

Let’s just say, cards are not my specialty. When it comes to Christmas, I’m usually no better than any other time of year. Sometime in November I start to concoct some kind of grand card plan including professional photos of my spouse and dogs or a homemade, perfectly inscribed, personalized card. And I never execute said plan. I.Fail.Every.Time.

But, guess what…thanks to the interwebs…no one knows! There are so many handy-dandy websites out there that make cards for you and all you have to do is upload a photo. Bam. Christmas cheer with the click of a mouse.

So today, I thought I’d share a few of the sites I’ve used over the years, sites I’ve admired on other blogs, and a few other card ideas I’ve snagged from the lovely blogging gals I envy so very much.

If you haven’t ordered your holiday cards yet, have no fear! You can still get them in time.


Available at Minted (this was almost our card this year…such a cute idea).
Available at Tiny Prints.
Available at Snapfish.
Available at Pear Tree (this is where I got our card).
Available at PaperCoterie.
Available at Shutterfly. (Bonus: You can usually pick up at Target the next day!)

Also, check out Pinhole Press. I didn’t snag a sample card but they are definitely worth checking out!

Homemade Card Ideas:

via Oh Happy Day!
via {frolic!}

Other Favorite Cards:

Available at One Sydney Road.
Available at One Sydney Road.

Happy Sending!


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