Thankful Thursday: December!

I am thrilled that December is here! I have to admit this is my favorite month!

To kick off December on the right foot, Mother Nature treated Northern Colorado with quite a bit of snow this morning. It’s a frosty, winter wonderland out there today and it just adds to the magic feeling in the air!

I’m thankful for December because the very BEST day of the year, Christmas, is this month! I’ve been dreaming of sugar plums and gingerbread all year long, been knocking back egg nog lattes since November 4th, and have been listening to Christmas music for….well, longer than I should admit. Let’s just say, I’m ready for the season.

Even more, I love the holiday spirit that everyone seems to share. It’s so uplifting to see volunteers in Santa hats ringing bells to collect donations and the surge in food drives, coat drives and toy drives help so many in need. Seeing giving trees set up at every shopping center and church fills my heart with confidence that there are many, many good people in the world willing to help others.

And the holidays give everyone an excuse to get in touch. Spending time with family is a part of most traditions and holiday events bring together friends who may have lost touch over busy months. Holiday cards great you in the mail with smiling faces of children and Christmas letters recap what your friends have been up to all year (if they don’t have a blog and post all of the information about their lives daily, that is).

It’s just truly the best time of year and I couldn’t be any more thankful that it’s finally here!

Happy December & Happy Thankful Thursday!

Via Design Mom
via Pinterest
Advent Calendar Kit via Design Scouting / Original on Etsy
Holiday Cards via One Sydney Road
Light Decor Idea via Oh Happy Day
via Pinterest

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