Sweat = Sleep

One month ago, I left my running shoes at home when I went on work a trip. No biggie, right? I could do yoga in my room or go for a walk to burn some calories. Did I do this? No. Well, I did go for a walk but I got gelato while on said walk so…

Those couple of lazy days kicked off a month-long exercise drought. It’s amazing how quickly one can slip off the wagon. Sure, I got in a run or two here and there, but for the most part I was totally lazy. For the first time since I got pregnant, I let myself use my new body shape as a reason not to workout.

And you know what happened? I stopped sleeping (and, er, things on my person got, uh, squishy). And since I wasn’t sleeping properly, I was overwhelmed, irritable at work, stressed, etc.

I’ve been waking up at night multiple times (read: every hour) uncomfortable. My legs fall asleep and my tummy feels like it’s pulling me down into the mattress. I’ve tried using a pillow between my knees or propping myself up so I can sleep on my back. I tried sleeping in to get some extra rest, taking naps, and staying up late to really tire myself out. Nothing worked.

And then a little light bulb came on overhead. I realized I stopped sleeping (and everything else became stressful) at the exact same time I stopped working out consistently. Eureka!


So, being that I’m a little out of shape, I’ve started small. I jogged/walked a slow 2.5 miles to ease my way back into running. I revisited prenatal yoga allowing myself do most of the easier poses.

And guess what….I’m already sleeping better. No lie. I feel stronger (although still very squishy…I haven’t been at it that long yet).  I’ve accomplished more in the last few days at work than in the whole month of November and I’ve been a much more pleasant person.


To keep these good vibes going and to set a goal for myself (inspired by this idea), I’ve come up with a modified workout schedule. It  includes jogging/walking (sometimes with my pups), prenatal yoga, and light strength training. I think this low-impact, light-weight plan will be manageable as I continue to grow and will hopefully keep me and my bump healthy.

Think it’ll work? Do you notice that you’re life seems to get a little out of control when you’re not regularly exercising?


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