Thankful Week: A List

Happy Wednesday!

Is anyone else starting to crave turkey and stuffing? Excited for a day of food, football and thanks? I am! I can hardly concentrate at work today thinking of all the last minute prep we need to do before hosting Thanksgiving at our house tomorrow. I’m so excited!

Today, with all this holiday magic in the air, I can’t pinpoint just one thing I’m thankful for. So, I’ve decided to share a list. Weird…me make a list.

I am thankful for:

  • Our office closing at noon today. Oh, and my job. Thankful for the job.
  •  The egg nog I had with breakfast. (And the egg nog latte I’ll likely have with lunch.)
  • The little guy kicking me from inside.
  • After tomorrow, people won’t judge me for listening to Christmas music.
  • A warm home with everything I need and more…even if sometimes it feels like it’s falling apart!
  • My dogs – who are currently barking in the backyard. Speaking of, ever wonder where pugs come from?
  • Having a relatively easy pregnancy. Have you been following The Bump posts?
  • Warm, cozy blankets.
  • My spouse whose cookin’ up Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.
(Me & the Spouse)
  • Shopping on Saturday at LOCAL shops.
  • A long Thanksgiving weekend to relax and plan for Christmas.
  • The trip I’m taking to NJ & NYC in December!
Rockefeller Tree
  • My mom & sister throwing me a baby shower (hence the trip to NJ!).
  • Picking out table decor for tomorrow’s feast (think cream, pinecones, and a little sparkle). Inspired by this.
  • The Muppets Movie comes out today. Check out this sweet Muppabet.
  • Family & friends to share the holidays with.
  • And finally….Christmas Movies!! (Which technically I started watching on November 4…but I am so very thankful for them!)

I hope you all have a long list of items to be thankful for this holiday season!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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