The Good, The Fun, & The Perky

You’ve heard all the crazy side effects of pregnancy, right? Morning sickness, swelling, weird food cravings, mood swings, etc, etc. It’s pretty common knowledge that the majority of women will experience some or all of these unpleasant symptoms during the process of growing a human.

I say it’s also pretty common to find yourself among a group of young women telling the tales of their pukey first trimester or their uncomfortable last month. Those who have never been pregnant tilt their heads and smile sympathetically while secretly deciding to never have children. Those who have kids nod in empathetic agreement and say, “But it’s so worth it.”

And the story-telling  gets worse when you get knocked up. Once the words, “I’m pregnant!” leave your lips, the floodgates open and the previously “too-graphic for my friends without kids” stories somehow become appropriate lunch conversation. It makes pregnancy sound….pretty awful.

But I’m here to tell you it’s not all bad. In fact, for me (and I know I’ve been extremely lucky) it’s been really good and quite enjoyable! Since you’ve all heard the horror stories, I thought I’d let you in on some of the perks to let you know that it’s not really that terrible.

At almost six months pregnant, here’s a list of my six fave things about being with child:

1. Everyone is Nice – People smile at you for no reason (once you start to show). They give you extra attention, ask how you’re feeling, take heavy items from your hands, insist you put your feet up, and offer to get you a snack or drink. Enjoy the pampering, I’m sure it won’t last!

2. Huge Boobs – I’ve never had much in the ol’ cleavage department. This fact has been pointed out to me by everyone from friends to my grandmother. Whatev….I got over this early in life because each body is different and, well, I can get a boob job. But, guess what!? Now I don’t have to (at least not yet). For the first time in my life, I am filling out tops (we’re talking a SOLID B cup, people) and rocking the cleave like a champ. I don’t even feel bad about the exposed decolletage. In fact, I embrace it (except the other day at church…realized that was a little inappropriate and tightened up the sweater).

3. Awesome Hair – Seriously, I’ve had a good hair day for six months. Not joking. Wind, rain, it doesn’t matter. It’s thick and shiny. It holds a curl or lays stick straight….whatever I want it to do!

4. Unexpected (and possibly undeserved) Praise – You get complimented if you wear high heels. Really. Isn’t that odd? If you manage to waddle down the street in your favorite kitten heels or 2.5-inch wedges, people will stop you and say things along the lines of, “Wow, you’re a trooper!” and “Good for you!” as if you are doing something extremely noble.

Same goes for working out or showing restraint when it comes to indulging in treats. People seem to be shocked and overly impressed by these two extremely common practices. I say, just go with it and say, “Thanks!” Keep those healthy habits up for your little one and rock those heels for a slimming effect, if nothing else.

5. Registering for Gifts – There are two times in your life that you can not only ask people to give you stuff but you can go and pick out exactly what the stuff you want is. One – Wedding. Two – Baby Shower. The best part is, whatever people don’t buy you, you can usually go and buy for yourself later and the store will actually give you a discount just because it was on your registry!? Does this even make sense? No!! But it’s AWESOME!

6. Feeling the Baby Move – Most of these topics are pretty superficial but with this one I’ll get a little serious. There is nothing quite like feeling your little one kick around inside you. You are suddenly smitten with someone you haven’t even met and anxiously crave the next time they’ll treat you with a little movement. It’s like having a crush on your own bump…I’ve become addicted.

And, as if feeling the baby wasn’t awesome enough, the closeness you feel to your spouse when he rubs your tummy and the baby pushes against his daddy’s hands is a moment so precious that I cannot capture it in words. I will never, ever forget the first time that happened.

So, not so bad, right? Sounds good…doesn’t it? Remember to enjoy this time, whether you planned it or not (I’m one of the ‘nots’). Remember to share some of the good stuff when the story-telling starts (for the sake of your never-been-preggo friends, please share the good!) and reflect on the good inside you when the tough stuff feels too rough.

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3 thoughts on “The Good, The Fun, & The Perky

  1. oh my! i teared up and smiled… all SO true. I remember thinking in my last trimester, people aren’t going to be nice to me just because soon.and it’s true… it doesn’t last! enjoy it:)

  2. Love this! So many familiar memories. The best part is feeling the baby move, although the men probably think it’s the second one that you mentioned. LOL. It’s great that you are blogging about your pregnancy.

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