November Neurosis

I’ve noticed a pattern. When November arrives, I become a nervous nellie, a worry-wart, a neurotic trainwreck, or my fave, anxiety girl.

via Cup of Joe.

As you can tell from yesterday’s post, I might be slightly overwhelmed these days. Being five months pregnant, that’s no surprise. But what did surprise me was that I recently realized I did the exact same thing last November.

I sat and thought about this a bit, instead of taking on all the things that are making me nervous, (productive, huh?) and think I’ve identified the reason for my neurotic tendencies come November.

December is a BIG DEAL. First, Christmas is in December. I anxiously await that special day like a little kid – being good ALL YEAR LONG so I can be sure to have the very best celebration possible. Who doesn’t start the countdown to St. Nick’s arrival on December 26th?

Next, we end our year in December. All the resolutions, goals, and plans for the previous better have happened ’cause time’s up at mid-night on 12/31 and you have to start all over again come January 1st. What a positive outlook, huh?

Last, my birthday is in December. Prior to last year, I looked forward to my birthday like a child. Excited to be celebrated, looking forward to cake and opening presents, you know the drill. But then, I turned 30. I made kind of a big deal about it. I don’t know what I thought was going to happen when I turned 30. I guess I was just terrified that I’d wake up one day older with grey hair, saggy boobs and crow’s-feet (as if, I’ve been using eye-cream since I was 25….it’s never too early to start ladies).

Being that I was clearly shaken up by the prospect of entering my thirties, I’m not surprised that I feel the same level of anxiety about solidifying my presence in this decade by adding another digit and becoming a “thirty-something.” Ugh. I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Thirty-one, Christmas, and the end of the year. All of these things are piling up in my brain and making my day-to-day life feel overwhelming. Not to mention that I am also growing a human! Puh, my ability to handle a chipped nail has become non-existent. I find myself worrying incessantly about doing a good job at work, achieving goals, being a good mom, how to pay for a baby, being a good friend, our government, making time for my spouse, training my dogs, puppies without homes, being healthy, exercising, what I’m wearing, the starving children of the world, what other people think of me, what the lady who looked at me weird yesterday was looking at…..

BAH! I get myself so worked up that I shut down. Instead of knocking out my stressors one TO DO item at a time, I curl up in a ball and watch reruns of FRIENDS and cry because my hair isn’t Jennifer Aniston-esque right now (don’t worry, I made an appointment with my stylist yesterday).

Clearly, this is unhealthy. It’s better than how I coped with my November Neurosis last year – which was to drink, a lot (what I wouldn’t do for a glass of wine right now). That’s no longer an option with this bun bakin’ in my internal oven and I need suggestions for a better way to handle it all.

So, I’m coming to you all for help!

What do you do when you get overwhelmed by life? How do you prioritize your time to get it all done? What do you do to just chill out!?

I’d love your advice and suggestions!


2 thoughts on “November Neurosis

  1. I’ve learned a few things about stress this year.
    And all I can say is that if you live in the future, keep worrying about what’s about to happen, everything that “has” to get done, you will miss all the awesomeness of now.

    Breathe. :)

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