PSL, Puppies & Changes

I kicked off today with a decaf Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) and YouTube videos of puppies. Not a shabby start.

Sorry about skipping yesterday’s post…I was feeling uninspired. That seems to be happening more frequently with my blog posts lately. I think I’ve lost a bit of direction. My posts used to be full of interesting 30 Before 30 adventures and since turning 30, I’m not sure that I’ve put the same amount of heart and effort into my daily ramblings as I once did.

The thing is, with the launch of Here’s to Life (can we just call it HTL? Let’s do that), I started to over think what I write about. I’ve tried to come up with something ‘interesting’ for others to read thinking that what I was writing wasn’t good enough (pssh, who wants to read about skydiving or marathonsboring).

Copying other blogs, I thought I better add some recipes (even though I usually burn my cookies) ’cause everyone likes “how to” blogs. I tried to link up to other sites proving I was sorta relevant (have you watched Steve Jobs Standford commencement speech?) and it might help my SEO. Or I’d try to convince you all that I was effortlessly cool, fabulously organized, and incredibly chic by talking about fashion, trendy crafting/design blogs, or super-cool fund-raising events ’cause that’s who I am in my dreams. (Actually, in my dreams I’m just regular ol’ me only I find myself in strange situations with people I haven’t seen in a while. Wondering if I dream about you? I probably do…be creeped out).

But, in reality, I’m a neurotic train wreck who doesn’t cook and would rather watch an episode of the 30 Rock instead of craft something. While fashion is fun to play with, I don’t really know what’s cool and I just copy girls that I think are pretty (isn’t that, like, the point of magazines?). Also, I’m easily distracted (puppy!) and pretend to have it together for events/work/life but, truthfully, I am quite possibly the least-organized, consistently tardy, most-messy person on the planet. If not on the planet, then in Fort Collins for sure. Definitely, the most unorganized person on my block.

So, with this “who am I?” awakening (being sober has freed up a lot of my weekends and given me plenty of time to sit and think), I’ve decided to embrace why I started writing this blog to begin with. To write. Because I like it. We may still have a Tasty Tuesday now and then, and I’ve really come to love my Thankful Thursdays, but structure be gone! We’re gonna let HTL just be what is was: me, delivered in 2D at high-speed.

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. You can buy journals with messages such as the one above printed on the cover here. All proceeds benefit breast cancer patients….it is breast cancer awareness month – treat yourself and help out a good cause!


7 thoughts on “PSL, Puppies & Changes

  1. Stacey! I LOVE this post! It makes me feel like we are much more similar than I thought! :) Your posts have always been very enjoyable, but the frequency, focus, daily themes and general inspiration has always left me a little in awe of you. I’ve wondered on more than one occasion how the heck you do it! How does she have such a fun, interesting, positive life

    I know we don’t know each other well, but this post makes you seem very…real. I cook, but I DO NOT craft (Until now. Funny what planning a wedding makes you do!), I freaking love 30 Rock, I basically wear what I want and just flip through magazines looking at cool clothes too expensive for me to justify buying, and disorganized?? You’ve never seen my desk, or my car, or our mid-renovation house. I could probably give you a run for your money.

    I am very much looking forward to your coming posts. I think writing honestly about who you are – even if it’s to discuss the latest 30 Rock episode – will be great!

    • Thanks so much, Kim!! I’m so glad to ready this :) I’m surprised by your reaction to my other posts because I’ve often wondered how YOU do so much! Glad to know we’re all on the same level. Have a wonderful day!!

  2. I love your honesty, but I’m not totally agreeing with you. You always look great, I admire your fashion sense, total thumbs up!
    Cooking…no, never did get the hang of that but you have so many more uplifting and aspiring talents. I’ve often wondered how you do it! Always loving support of family and friends, great sense of humor, giving your time and energy to charity and special causes, interests in the fun and dangerous (skydiving, white water rafting, etc.), supportive wife, halloween extravaganzas, birthday poker parties, babysitting adventures, hiking, camping, working, traveling, writing…….need I say more! Your inspiration makes me a better person, friend, sister and mom…..Thank you

  3. We’ve never met, but you could have been describing me in the “But, in reality…” paragraph. Have you been peeping in my unwashed windows? :-)

    I think HTL is great and wish you all the best. And I do so love PSLs, 30Rock, and puppies.

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