Running: Now a Spectator Sport

Participating in a race previously meant one thing: running in it.

I didn’t volunteer (until this summer) nor had I ever attended a race to watch someone else run. My reason – why not just run it with them? But, as the adventure of being pregnant continues, I have found myself doing things I never thought I would….like standing on the sidelines.

This Sunday, I attended the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Denver, CO as a spectator. My dear friend, Amanda, was running the 13.1 mile race (at an elevation of 5,280 ft) and I wanted to cheer her on. Side note – Amanda, the superhero, had a baby 5 months ago. Hello, motivated mama!

Excited to participate as a fan, I made a little sign for Amanda and our two other running pals, Sara and Fawn.

Notice the plastic wrap? It was raining cats and dogs when I made the sign and I was fearful that it’d get ruined on race day so I weather-proofed it (this is the kind of time I have now).

I rose bright and early on Sunday, slipped on rain boots (instead of my running shoes), grabbed my sign, and made my way to Denver. Upon arriving, I was surprised that the weather was perfect for running (and not raining) but I was truly overwhelmed by all the people! The number of runners was over 15,000 and the number of fans and spectators cheering them on was shocking! I snagged a spot as close to the race path as I could and waited for my friends with eager anticipation.

As I watched runner after runner, most smiling while they finished their half-marathons, a surge of envy overtook me. I’ve never wanted to run more in my life than that morning. The energy, excitement, and sheer joy I witnessed by so many as they pounded pavement to reach their goal was more than I could handle. I choked back a tear. Then I let one escape. Can you even imagine being so moved by watching people run that you cry? I might be insane.

When I saw Amanda, I immediately started jumping, whooping and hollering for her! She looked awesome – calm as could be and killing her goal time! Here she is post-race…letting those endorphins take over and celebrating her victory!!

I greeted her, Sara and Fawn at the end to congratulate them, listen to their race recaps (mentally deciding to run the race myself in 2012), and snapped a few photos of the hot mamas! They all did amazing!

Great job ladies on an awesome race. You are an inspiration!


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