It’s Monday – Let’s ROCK!

Rock on a Monday? Heck, yeah! Let’s kick this week off on the right foot. To get started in a rock n’ roll frame of mind, I’m going to tell you all about a concert I recently went to. I got to see, once again, my very favorite band in the whole world, Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers!

Now, you’re likely familiar with them if you’ve been reading this blog for a while (example A, B, C, D) but just in case, they are an independent rock n’ roll band with a southwest edge and a love for tequila. I’ve been a fan for years and rarely, rarely miss a show. Being knocked up wasn’t going stop me this time either…

They came through town early in September to the Aggie Theatre. As always, the fun Roger-lovin’ crowd was a group of jolly souls – singing along to every word of RCPM’s greatest and dancing the night away. We were right there with them – having a blast!

The spouse and I kicked off the night with two of our closest friends at Jax, our new favorite restaurant in FC (post on Jax coming in the future). We then strolled the short distance to the Aggie, enjoying the autumn air and excited to see RCPM once again.

The opening bands were….interesting. Thankfully, we arrived late (as per usual) so we missed much of the pre-Peacemakers music. Finally, Roger, PH, Nick, and Jim came on stage and started the show with Leaky Little Boat. It was a strange song to start with, one I’d never heard at the beginning of show, but oddly perfect for that evening.

They went on to play all their best songs – Banditos, Green & Dumb, Switchblade, and A Little Hungover You. They mixed in a few off their new album, Unida Cantina (which we bought and I recommend that you buy ASAP), which has my new favorite song Paper Airplanes. Then they teased all of us by leaving the stage without playing the song of all songs, Mekong (read: Here’s to Life).

But Roger saved the day. He came back out on stage, busted out his guitar and blasted out an acoustic version of Mekong that had me jumping and screaming like a Beatlemaniac in 1964. Jim joined him for the famous guitar riff in the middle of the song and the two of them closed the show while we all screamed, ‘Here’s to Life!’

All in all – perfect!

Hope you all have a terrific Monday!!! Let’s rock this week! (Okay, that sentence was super-cheesy. Sorry! Have an awesome week!)


2 thoughts on “It’s Monday – Let’s ROCK!

    • I’m such a nerd. This is what happens when you get up at 6:30am in Las Vegas…..the atmosphere of this place is getting to me and I don’t have the usual help drowning it out.

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