Thankful Thursday: Friends

Recently, I witnessed the generosity, empathy, tact, wisdom, love, and compassion that my friends have for each other.

Of course, I’ve always know they’re great. I’ve always been thankful for the hours of fun and years of good memories we’ve made. I’ve been even more grateful for someone to always get a glass of wine with, someone to tell me my jeans make me look skinny, and someone who volunteers when I need help.

But now more than ever, I’m overwhelmed with appreciation just to be in the company of such a compassionate and selfless group. And I realized that if I’m ever faced with difficult times, I’m going to need this group of people more than I can ever imagine.

Sometimes it may seem like getting coffee or a quick chat with a friend is too time-consuming or not important. The demands of work and family make a ‘girls night’ seem trivial or give you an excuse to skip your book club. But I think these small events and conversations are more important to women than we realize. When it comes to friends, you choose them. Whether it was their laugh, their creativity, their style, or their kindness that first attracted you to them, there is a reason that you’ve brought them in to your life. That reason that you’ve created a friendship around will help you improve yourself, impact your mental health, and increase your overall happiness.

By spending time with other women you enjoy, you’ll likely be better equipped to handle all the other demands of life. And if you ever fall down, you’ll know they’ll be there to help you up. So, take the time to be thankful for those who call themselves your friends – make that coffee date, pick up the phone, or send them note. They’ll be thankful for you, too.

Happy Thankful Thursday!


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