Workout Wednesday: nine70 5K

Happy Wednesday!

Well, last weekend, I competed in my first pregnant race, the nine70 5k! Of course, I’m not too big yet and people would have likely thought I was just a little chunky (rather than preggo) if it weren’t for my spiffy “Running for Two” top my sista gave me. Thanks, Kate!

It was a beautiful Saturday morning here in Fort Collins – a perfect running day! Aside from a lovely morning, the race didn’t start until 9am (got to sleep in!) and it was also a fundraiser. Winning on all levels. A big part of the day was bringing your old running kicks to donate to be sent to people who need shoes. They had a ton of sneakers!

Unfortunately, they didn’t set up mile markers so I have no idea what my splits were (which makes me think I need to add a Garmin running watch to my Christmas list). Overall though, I ran the 5k in 29:45 mins! That’s a good 5-6 minutes slower than my typical 5k pace (PR is 23:41, my average is 24-25 mins) but I was still proud to complete the race in under 30 minutes. I’m sure as I get bigger, I’ll get slower. :)

After Saturday, I’m pumped to be feeling so good while running again! I’m hoping to get in a few more races this fall…I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

All the donated shoes!

Jogging Photography

Me and McBaby (and some lady’s rear end).

How about you? Are you signed up for any fall races?


2 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday: nine70 5K

  1. i LOVE this! love the tank, love the mcbaby, love how fit you are! dont so much love the tushie. and thank you maggie for getting me the tank! :)

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