Last Days of Summer

Well, the official end of summer is coming up this Friday. Are you ready for fall? I admit, scarves, boots, sweaters, and football parties do sound appealing, but I’d be lying if I said I was completely ready.

This past summer, just like every one before it, seemed to fly by too fast. While we enjoyed many fun times, I feel like we did miss out on a few favorite summer past times (mostly ’cause I’m knocked up). That being said, one thing we did manage to squeeze in right before the season ended was a trip to the beach. Living in Colorado, you can imagine this is a difficult thing to accomplish ;) so we made time for an afternoon of sun when we were visiting the ol’ fam in the dirty Jerz.

We snagged a spot in Seaside Heights for a few hours of jumping in the water, lying on a beach towel and enjoying the warmth of sun and sand. Once we got our fill of UV rays, we headed up to the boardwalk and enjoyed pizza from the Sawmill (best ‘zza ever), oysters and clams on the half-shell, and refreshing drinks. For those of you appalled at the preggo eating raw shellfish, don’t worry. I didn’t indulge but I did get a giant order of Kohr’s Orange & Vanilla custard to enjoy while I watched the spouse and my little bro suck down a dozen or so of said raw mollusks. I was deeply envious but the custard soothed my jealousy and cooled me down.

We bounced around the boardwalk to some of our favorite spots, relaxed in the ocean breeze and snapped a few photos of the Atlantic. It was a perfect afternoon and I’m grateful we were able to enjoy it.

In these last couple of days of my favorite season, do you need to squeeze in any summer activities you missed out on? Tell me all about them or tell me your favorite summer memory. Happy Monday!


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