Oh, What a Night

Last Friday, the spouse and I were lucky enough to attend the NoCo 20/30 Suitcase Party. It was a blast! The party is a fundraiser for Fort Collins youth programs and definitely one of the must-attend events in our area. Our close friends invited us and we couldn’t be more thankful for such a fun party…we’ll definitely be going again in the future!

The Suitcase Party is a very unique event. Not only is it located inside the Otterbox Hangar (how cool is it to host an event in a hangar!?) but it offers delicious food, a huge selection of drinks, an incredible band, and amazing auction items. I saved the best part for last though….the raffle.

At the end of the night, one lucky couple will win an all expenses paid a trip on a private jet to Napa Valley! The flight leaves that night from the party…which is why you’re supposed to bring a suitcase. Have you ever heard of a cooler raffle!? Unfortunately, the spouse and I didn’t win but were having too much fun to be jealous of the couple that did.

We had an absolute blast at the party and hope to attend the event for years to come! A big thanks to our friends who invited us and a huge thanks to the NoCo Active 20/30 group for investing so much in our youth. They hosted an incredible event and I couldn’t imagine a better cause. To make a donation, visit their site!

Clockwise from top left: My spouse and friend Jesse (her hubby is on the 20/30 Committee), the spouse & I, the hangar where the party was hosted.


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