Thankful Thursday: ‘Zza

Happy Thursday!

Today, I just can’t help it, I am thankful for pizza!! I know, I know….I’ve only written one other time this week and it was also about food (one track mind). But, today, I am bubbling over with thanks for the delectable tomato pie.

The reason? Well, last night the spouse prepared handmade pizza dough for tonight’s dinner. Yup, that’s right. He made the dough from scratch and tonight he’s going to sauce it, cheese it and topping it up and then slide it on a flat top over the grill (awesome way to cook a ‘zza if you don’t have a wood-fire oven…and, really, how many of us have a wood-fire oven?).

Why the motivation to cook pizza, you ask? Well, we don’t typically take on a dinner that requires two nights of  prep during the week. Seriously, who has time for that? But this week is apparently Pizza Week on the Cooking Channel; I swear every show this week is dedicated to the saucy pie. Not only that, but I’ve spent the last two days researching NYC restaurants online for our upcoming vacation. While perusing Italian restaurants, creative steak houses and fancy seafood joints, I stumbled upon just a few pizza spots.

Mmmm, pizza. Just thinking about New York-style, thin-crust pizza gets my mouth watering. Can you imagine it: bubbly cheese, crispy dough, chunky tomato sauce, and perfectly fresh basil? Close your eyes and picture it. Go on, take a bite. Doesn’t imagination pizza taste goooooood?? I absolutely cannot wait until we’re on the east coast and can chow down on the real thing.

So in summary, all this pizza tv, internet surfing and day-dreaming wore us down. We couldn’t resist the call of the pizza another day but it just had to be thin-crust homemade dough and fresh ingredients…and so it’s going down tonight in a Naples kind of way.

Hope you all have a great Thursday full of many things to be thankful for and, if you’re lucky, a slice of pizza pie!

Via Oh Joy!
Via Ten June.
Via Pioneer Woman.
Via Cupcakes & Cashmere.
Via Oh She Glows.

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