Here’s to a Solitude!

Happy Friday!

via Ebb & Flow. via wit + delight.

What are your plans for the weekend? Mine a little different for me…I’ll be all alone. My spouse is spending the weekend with ‘the guys.’ They’re golfing, fantasy football drafting and getting involved in some kind of male debauchery (I’m sure). So, I’m flying solo for the weekend which rarely happens (read: once a year).

With all this alone-time to kill, I’m trying to plan my weekend around doing some housework, starting a few projects I’ve had on my mind, and getting in some relaxation time. I’m also thinking I’ll spend Saturday night with a couple of ro-co’s, favorite blogs, and ice cream.

Sounds reasonable, right? I’m pretty excited for my weekend of solitude and am actually getting pretty anxious for the end of the workday. In case you’re already thinking it’s time to clock out too, here are a few fun links to distract you from work until that 5 o’clock whistle blows.

“What do you say we each have an ‘alone day’?” ~ Clark Griswold, Vegas Vacation

Hope you have a relaxing weekend!




2 thoughts on “Here’s to a Solitude!

  1. Stacey, enjoy your week-end and thanks for the Otis link. Makes me want another Pug. Ruth was 89 this week so we will be taking her out to celebrate even though she said she is done with birthdays.

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