Tasty Tuesday: Larkburger

I’m not much of a burger gal….not hard to believe since I don’t eat beef. I do enjoy the veggie burger or the turkey burger here and there, but rarely does a burger come to mind when I’m wondering what to eat.

That has now all changed.

On Sunday night, the spouse and I decided to try out the Colorado burger-joint chain, Larkburger. Walking in, I was immediately impressed by the clean, natural interior. Looking over the menu, I first thought it seemed limited but was intrigued by their “Keeping It Natural” message and quickly excited by the idea of Truffle Fries (yeah, you read that…Truffle Fries…YUM!!).

The spouse ordered the Truffle Burger and I ordered the Little Turkey with a Field Green Salad and we split an order of the Truffle Fries (oh my goodness, they are SO good!). I have to say I was very impressed with EVERY aspect of our meal! The Truffle Fries are clearly the winner in my world, but the spouse could not stop raving about his burger. If you know my hubby, you know it’s hard to find a restaurant that lives up to his high expectations. My turkey burger was also flavorful and the perfect size when paired with their fresh field greens salad. Overall, the food was incredible.

All Images via Samantha Baker via Westword Restaurants.

But the greatness didn’t stop there, the customer service was also outstanding. Fearing that we had waited too long for our meal, the manager visited us, apologized for the wait and then discounted our bill without any prompt from us! I hadn’t even noticed we were waiting! Everyone there was friendly and clearly concerned with our satisfaction. Big Points!

And last, the mission of Larkburger is one that any greenie can get behind. They are dedicated to “Keeping It Natural” which they describe as “minimizing their environmental impact while offering a unique dining experience.” Their menu and operations are built upon health-conscious and eco-friendly philosophies and, well, it results in a pretty fantastic experience!

I definitely recommend Larkburger to anyone in the Fort Collins, Denver, or Boulder area! Check ’em out!


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