Be Awesome!

via Yum & Yuk.

Last night,  after watching the finale of the Next Food Network Star, I was inspired. Not to be a celebrity chef (I consider every meal that doesn’t result in fire alarms a success) but to find and be the very best version of my self that I can – the most awesome version of my self that I can.

Both of the finalists on the show discussed how they really found themselves and their passion on the journey to the final episode. Now, I’m no fool. I am certain that reality tv writers fed them full of that good-feeling talk to win over suckers like me, but even with that thought in mind, I was inspired.

Watching someone literally take charge of their life to make their dreams come true by taking risks, working incredibly hard, and using constructive criticism to improve themselves over and over, left me wanting to be better, to try harder, to achieve more. I don’t know if you watch the Next Food Network Star or took away the positive vibes that I did but I wanted to share a little of the inspiration I felt from it with you.

You can accomplish anything you set your mind to! Go out, be awesome and kick some ass this week! Have a super Monday!


One thought on “Be Awesome!

  1. Thanks Stacey!!! I find myself striving to be a better version of me, then I make some accomplishments and find myself standing still again. I tend to get back in the middle of that line of life, following the people ahead of me……I need to get out of that “default line” and stay on my own path! Thanks for the reminder!!! Love you!!

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