Thankful Thursday: Disconnecting

Last weekend, the spouse and I went camping. It was a wonderful trip! We met up with some close friends for a few days of wilderness, fishing, campfires, and disconnecting from a very hectic world.

It’s truly amazing how much time slows down when you’re in the middle of woods without access to email, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Google Reader, Pinterest, and all the other fabulous sites and tools we have at our fingertips. Instead of Facebook stalking (so guilty of this), attempting to shrink my wordy (and what I think is witty) message to 140 characters, or jealously reading about all the activities that other bloggers have been up to, I sat under a tree with my dogs and read a book. Really! I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever sat under a tree and read a book (without compulsively checking my phone for an update, email, poke, tweet, or comment).

It was incredibly relaxing (although, to be completely honest, the book I was reading was about better utilizing social media). In fact, the weekend was so wonderful, we’re packing up and heading to the mountains again this weekend! I can’t wait for another get-a-way and break from all things technology. So today, I am thankful for the calm that comes from disconnecting the computer, turning off the cell phone, flicking off the t.v., and enjoying the technology silence. Even if you’re not going to the middle of nowhere, where you’re forced to shut down, I recommend you take a day and try it out. I’ll bet you’ll enjoy it.

Happy Thankful Thursday!

Via 365q.

Via Etiquette for a Lady.

Via Pinterest.

Via Unstitched.

Via Care Daily.

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