Feeling Inspired

Today, I was lucky enough to attend an event honoring the Northern Colorado Women of Distinction. Thanks to a friend at the Poudre Valley Health System Foundation (the keynote sponsor), I enjoyed breakfast with several hundred people to honor eleven amazing women.

The Women of Distinction Award is given women who have given their time and talent to make our region a community of excellence. The awards are given in several categories including Nonprofit – Human Services, Exceptional Volunteer, Business and Business Services, and Education (to name a few).

The event was fantastic! Not only was it nice to meet a few new people (I didn’t know anyone I sat with…totally out of my comfort zone but so worth it!), each of the award recipients shared a story about what inspires them. To hear eleven talented, motivated, strong, and hard-working women share what inspires them was truly uplifting and motivating. I left the event determined to make an impact in the world – what that impact is, I’m not sure, but determined I am!

I’m so thankful to be able to witness and be apart of the vitality, strength, and power of women in the Northern Colorado community. I took so much away from the speakers who shared quotes, beautiful stories of companionship & sisterhood, and personal battles. Their incredible victories over cancer, losing family members to addiction, and being some of the first women in their fields left me awestruck. Of course, my new personal hero is the woman who somehow managed to mention Christmas three times during her speech and slipped in the little fact that she puts up thirteen Christmas trees every year. I was impressed on so many levels.

All in all, my favorite bit of advice shared this morning is the quote below. So, go on! Get out there! Do something scary and exciting and inspiring! One day we’ll be honoring you….

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