Tasty Tuesday: Equinox Brewing

“Thank you, microbreweries, for making my alcoholism seem like a neat hobby.” ~ Jimmy Falon.

Te he he. I joke.

I heard that quote recently and could not stop giggling. As you all know, I LOVE to visit microbreweries and, living in the Napa Valley of beer (look it up), I get to spend a lot of time visiting local breweries with a never-ending supply of hand-crafted, unique beers.

Earlier this summer, the spouse and I stopped by one of our favorite local breweries, Equinox Brewing, for an afternoon sampler. As always, their friendly atmosphere and intriguing brews provided us a relaxing and enjoyable treat.

Via Equinox Brewing

Equinox Brewing was started by the owners of Hops & Berries, a well-known (and frequently visited by my spouse) local home brew store. Experts in all things beer, the owners of Hops & Berries are quick to answer questions, provide tips and recipes, and guide home brewers from novice to expert level. It was only a matter of time until their success would lead them to opening their own brewery.

The brewery is located next door to Hops & Berries and, in addition to their welcoming interior, they offer a comfortable, shady patio which is perfect for summer afternoons and evenings. They frequently feature local bands and artists and provide activities for the under-21 customers as well.

Their beers are all unique; offering twists on classic brew styles with new techniques and ingredients from around the world. My absolute favorite beer of theirs is the Orbit ESB…I order it every time I go.  It’s a hoppy, citrusy beer that’s balanced with a light sweetness at the end. In a word: Delicious.

I love visiting Equinox Brewing and am always eager to take out-of-town visitors to this local favorite whenever I can. Next time you’re in Fort Collins (remember, we are the Napa Valley of beer, so you outta plan a trip), be sure to stop by Equinox and enjoy a sampler of Colorado microbrews!


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