Here’s to CFD!

Happy Friday!

And Happy Cheyenne Frontier Days!!

Since last Friday, Cheyenne, WY has been full of cowboys, bulls, pancakes, belt buckles, Indians, steer, parades, concerts, carnival rides, cowboy hats, funnel cakes, cowgirls, horses, and lots and lots of beer! I’ve been patiently waiting ALL WEEK LONG so I can jump in the ol’ front wheel drive stagecoach and partake in the most important of CFD events….the Night Show.

Sure, most say the rodeo is the most important, but for me it really feels like Frontier Days has arrived when I’m standing in the evening dusk, surrounded by friends and the Cheyenne community, getting ready to welcome a country band on stage at Frontier Park. Oh! I get chills just thinking about it!

Tonight the spouse and are going to see the Zach Brown Band! Pre-concert we’re meeting up with some of our closest friends for dinner, drinks, and some good ol’ Wyoming fun. I absolutely cannot wait to pull on a pair of cowboy boots, grab a cold one, and sing along to some sweet, sweet country.

By Valerie Pedersen
Via Cheyenne Frontier Days
Via Cheyenne Frontier Days

Happy Frontier Days! Yee-haw!!!!

“I’ve got friends in low places. Where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases my blues away. And I’ll be okay. Yeah, I’m not big on social graces, think I’ll step on out to the oasis, ‘Cause I’ve got friends… low-ow-ow places.” ~ Garth Brooks


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