Eager to Learn

Happy Wednesday!

Last week, during my little hiatus from blogging, I finally visited the Northern Colorado Writers’ office for a seminar. Attending a writing class/seminar was on my list and I had found a class through NCW to attend last spring. Well, schedules changed, conflicts arose, and sure enough, I couldn’t attend. Finally, after what seemed like ages, the stars and schedules aligned and I was able to attend a session last week! Wa-hoo!

The class I took was “Organizing Your Writing Life,” hosted by Kerri Flanagan (pictured below). I couldn’t have picked a better topic to kick off my first visit to a writing group. One of the things I struggle with the most is finding the time and self-discipline to just sit down and write.

Of course, I showed up late (seems like what I really need is an “Organizing Your Life” class, huh?), took a seat, and pulled out a new journal that a good friend gave me as encouragement to start a book (thanks, buddy!). I inscribed a little motivation on the inside cover.

Overall, the class was awesome! I gained some valuable insights into the world of freelance writing, learned a few tips for organizing my time, and picked up some great resources.

Honestly, I was surprised by how much I learned from the class. I assumed I’d walk away with a snippet or two of information, but instead left with my head full of ideas, new plans, and an enthusiasm to start writing more frequently!

I enjoyed the class so much that I plan to attend more sessions and possibly join the group as a full-fledged member (not sure if my blog really makes me any kind of writer but hopefully they’ll take me!). I left the class a happy gal:

How about youIs there something you’ve been wanting to learn about, a class you’ve wanted to take, or a new skill you’re hoping to pick up? Tell me about it and what you’ve done to start working on it!


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