Tasty Tuesday: Sherbet Floats

This summer is getting HOT!! Each day feels warmer than the last around here! To cool down, my spouse and I invented what has become our favorite after-dinner drink….Sherbet Floats!

I’m sure we weren’t the first to ever do this, but it feels like we were. One night we were just hanging out at the house and we had a container of rainbow sherbet in the freezer. As I pulled out the sherbet to scoop us a couple of bowls, I started to tell my spouse about a blended drink I used to make during my days as a fountain girl. He produced a can of lemon-lime soda out of thin air and said, “What if we make this a float?” And there ya have it. Sherbet Float Invented.

To make this simple concoction, simply go get your favorite fat-free sherbet (I prefer rainbow). Add three scoops to a cup.

Poor a lemon-lime soda over the scoops and voila! Sherbet float! Couldn’t be any easier!

Be sure you make enough for everyone though…these tasty treats will attract a lot of attention! Enjoy!


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