Welcome, Baby!

Via Pinterest

Isn’t that just the sweetest little picture? I love it!

So, last week’s blogging break was exactly what I needed. I had some time to do a little reading, take a writing class, help my husband cater a rehearsal dinner, and spent the weekend in the Rocky Mountains for a wedding! It was a great week….but all those activities aren’t the real reason last week was so wonderful….

I became an aunt! My dear sister, Kate, gave birth to her son last Wednesday morning. He was a very large baby: 10lbs 2oz and 22 inches long! He’s such a little cutie! She lives out on the east coast so I can’t visit him just yet (and post a million of pictures of him on here) but am planning a trip for early September. I just can’t wait to meet her little man and observe my sister as a mother (which I know she’ll be amazing at). I get weepy just thinking of her holding her precious bundle. Oh, single tear.

I’m so happy to be an aunt and to celebrate a new life! It truly is a miracle to think that two people can bring a brand new being in to the world. I could not be happier for my sister and her family! Congratulations Kate & Clay on your beautiful baby boy!

All this positive energy has me excited to be back online and I’ve been dreaming up tons of posts to share with you! I’m looking forward to this week and hope you all have an amazing week as well!

Have a great Monday!


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