Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful for coffee.

Oh, Coffee. You are my favorite thing.

My love for coffee started early on. I landed my very first job at the Java Joint (a local coffee-house in my hometown) at the impressionable age of 15, learning the basics of drip coffee and espresso drinks. I moved on to ‘Certified Barista’ status at a Barnes & Noble Starbucks where I worked through high school and the first couple of years of college. Weird, suddenly it’s clear why I never slept in high school.

In those early days, mocha’s were my favorite drink and drip coffee always came with sugar and cream. Fast forward to 15 years later, a black iced coffee sits on my desk as I type this and my go-to drink at the local Starbucks is an iced Americano (black as well).  You could say my coffee palate has become somewhat…bitter.

Oh, but I love the stuff. The first paper I wrote in college was about coffee…A+, thankyouverymuch. My back up plan in case dental school didn’t work out was to open my very own coffee shop and bakery. Wait, what? Dental school? Yeah….that’s what I started college thinking I was going to do. I don’t know, somehow that turned into a Psychology degree and now I’m in Marketing. Life…full of surprises!

Back to the subject at hand, coffee. I’m so thankful that on a particularly sleepy morning my cup o’ joe perks me up and gets me going. I’m thankful that if I’m feeling blue, a cup of coffee can console me almost as much as chat with a friend. I’m thankful that coffee pairs well with chilly winter weather and summertime heat. I’m thankful that coffee can be breakfast, a snack, or dessert. And I’m thankful that coffee is actually good for you.

So, here’s to the latte, the cappuccino, and the americano! Here’s to the mocha and the cafe au lait!  Here’s to french press, drip, and espresso!

Aren’t you thankful for coffee? Enjoy your morning brew.

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3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. How did I not know you worked at the Java Joint??? I worked there for awhile…but now that I think about it I don’t remember a lot about those years. Cheers to coffee and the good ole Java joint. :)

    • You did!!? That’s so funny! I worked at the one out on the base…I’m not really sure how long it was open, but I know I didn’t work there long. I used to LOVE that place!

      • Okay now our missing each other makes sense, I didn’t even know there was one on base. I worked at the one that was first on Carey Ave, then moved to where the teriyaki grill is now located. It wasn’t open more than maybe 5 years. Was the one on base run by a guy named Mike? It was my first coffee adventure also. Well you have to test things before you can make them or sell them, right?

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