Tasty Tuesday: Left Hand Brewery

Recently, the spouse and I visited Left Hand Brewing Company in Longmont, CO. As always, we loved our time spent there sampling their delicious craft beers and soaking up sunshine on their large deck. When we arrived, we were both surprised to find that the bartender remembered us from last time (which was in October!)! That’s the kind of place they run there…the people are extra-friendly, the beer is fantastic, and the atmosphere is just right for a relaxing afternoon.

Left Hand Brewery opened its doors in 1994 with its first batch of beer, Sawtooth Ale (which you can still get today). All Left Hand beers are brewed with the goal of achieving balance between malt and hops. This strive for balance has resulted in many unique, handcrafted beers ranging from light to dark that will surely please even the most discerning beer-loving patron.

The spouse and I each ordered a sampler; I was sure to include an ESB, IPA, and Pale Ale (my fav beers) as well as a brew outside of my comfort zone to challenge my palate. The spouse basically ordered all the samples that I didn’t so we could try as many samples as possible.

Post-beers we did our usual browsing through the merchandise area to see if there were any hoodies or hats we couldn’t live without. We thanked the bartender, snuck in one last sample at the bar (a couple we met couldn’t stop raving about the Dopplebock so we had to try it….it was great!), and we made our way home.

I would always recommend touring the brewery or visiting the tasting room at Left Hand Brewing Company to any beer connoisseur! You’re in for a large variety of excellent beers, wonderful people, and a great afternoon!


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