2011 And-a-Half

Ah, Monday, you’ve come again.

And somehow I just noticed, so did July….11 days ago.

July? July 2011? WOW.

It’s truly amazing how quickly time can get away from us. Realizing that the first half of 2011 has already come and gone got me thinking about what I’ve accomplished this year, where I’m at on my life-goals, and where I’m at on the 2011 New Year’s Resolution list. I’ve been seriously slacking on many of my resolutions. How about you guys?

I usually start out strong when I set a new goal but then slowly start to slip into old habits or focus on something new and seemingly more exciting. Does that happen to you? Sometimes, I’ll set a goal and then halfway through accomplishing it, realize it’s actually not important to me. I often feel guilty quitting or tossing it aside, but I’ve learned to accept that we change and grow out of the people we once were and sometimes it’s okay to just let go.

You know, those things happen. It’s okay, nobody’s perfect…I tell myself this a lot…and then I think of people who I think are perfect……I digress. I figure, even though I might be a little behind, no reason I can’t pick up from where I’m at and keep going….right?

So, in efforts to re-boot the resolution system, I thought a quick status update on the 2011 NYR might be appropriate since we’re halfway through the year:

1. Finish Outstanding 30 Before 30 Items – Not one complete yet; how disheartening. Maybe this won’t be a motivating exercise. And seriously, can you believe I still haven’t been in a karaoke bar? I must be no fun.

2. Read 2-3 Books per Month – Contrary to the number of blog posts I’ve written on books this year (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), I actually have read quite a few (I just don’t write about all of them). I’m falling a bit short on the overall average but have a great reading list for the next few months so I’m sure my end of year average will be in the 2-3/month range.

3. Redesign my Blog – CHECK! Remember this? And now you’re here. Isn’t it better?

4. Save Up Down Payment for New Car – CHECK! Didn’t really need the down payment; ended up buying a new (to me) car by selling my old one.

5. Bake Frequently – Okay, so I’ve only posted this, this, this, and this…but I have made countless chocolate chip cookies and brownies that are so basic I won’t dare bore you with the recipe. But, there is more to come!

6. Get Organized & Be Punctual – Hahahahahaha, why I even try is beyond me. From an organizational perspective, I have gotten a bit better. I did an overhaul on my closet just this last weekend (Goodwill will be excited to see me!). I’ve rearranged my work schedule to be in my home office more frequently – saving time and gas (you’re welcome, Earth). And I’ve implemented quite a few little time-saving, note-taking, string-around-my-finger methods to be less forgetful and more efficient. However, I’m still always, always, always late.

7. Paint My Fingernails More Frequently Eliminated from list. I painted my nails….once. It was a pretty pink color. It looked terrible. Turns out I’m an au natural kinda gal and my hands look a lot more ‘polished’ with a clear, glossy sheen rather than a statement of color.

8. Run in One Race Per Month – Not doing too hot on this one either. So, far I’ve done this, this, this and this. Four out of six??? Not bad but not great. I’ll hopefully kick that average up a notch over the end of summer and early fall.

9. Enter a Writing Contest – I tried to get myself entered in the Women’s Health Blogs We Love Contest, but months later, I’ve never seen the winning list. I’m not sure if they didn’t run it (several Google and Twitter searches have led me to believe that they didn’t) or if I did so poorly that they’ve blocked me from reading their online mag. Either way, I’m still searching for a good contest to enter and will gladly take your suggestions.

10. Drink Less of Everything But Water – I’m half-achieving this. I have definitely been taking in a LOT more water. However, I haven’t really cut back too much on my coffee or beer/wine intake. I haven’t been too wild (except one crazy week in Canada, several rough days in Vegas, and a wacky St. Patty’s Day) but definitely need to work on the cutting back a bit more.

11. Write a Hand-Written Note to One Family Member or Friend Each Week – Started off fairly consistent….total failure today. No reason really except #6 is still a work-in-progress so I frequently forget to restock my note cards and stamps. I’ll start fresh this week and finish out the second half of 2011 strong.

All of the inspiring images in this post are by Care Daily.

So, tell me, do you stick with your resolutions? How many of your 2011 goals have you crossed off?


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