Thankful Thursday

I feel that there has been a lack of gratitude in the world this week. With economic worries, shocking news stories, and the pressure of squeezing five days of work into four, there is a lot of grumbling on the interwebs right now.

No, we can’t fix all the woes or wrong-doings, but does throwing more negative into the mix help? Maybe focusing on something good, giving thanks for the good, and talking about the good, will help us all to start to feel….uhm…good??

But, I’m with ya, with all this negative juju, what good can we possibly be thankful for?

All day I’ve been struggling to find something great to be thankful for but it seems silly to attempt to create a positive vibe by posting pictures online and being thankful for light traffic this morning or my new blonde hair (yeah..this time I really did it). I mean, who cares if my commute was short or my locks are two shades later? How can that possibly inspire someone else?

And then, I ate lunch.

A plentiful, lovely lunch involving vegetarian pizza and a side of fresh cherries and strawberries. Mmmmm. As I noshed, I looked down at everything in front of me and realized that my ‘good things’ bucket was literally overflowing with reasons to be thankful. And it occurred to me that a lot of those things seem trivial or small but hold an enormous amount of potential.

We’re quick throw out our negative energy, quick to shout our discomforts to the world….but why aren’t we the same when it comes to positive thoughts? Do we feel silly saying, “I’m thankful that there was fresh brewed coffee at work today,” or “Wow, I’m so glad that the grass wasn’t wet when I sat down in the park.” Little pleasures we take for granted should be celebrated just as often as we say, “Ugh….way to take the last cup, again, Tom!” or “Darn it, now I’m all dirty!” (for some reason that sentence makes me giggle)

So, think of something small to be thankful for. Release that positive energy out into the world by telling someone else what you’re thankful for because it might do more than you think…..

Maybe a shout out of thanks to new hair would inspire another to change-up her doo, chop it off, and donate it to Locks of Love.

Maybe a quick note of gratitude to a short commute would get someone else to join a carpool, like Car Go, or take the train to help the environment.

Maybe saying, “Grazie!” to pizza would ignite a fire under the person who’s been meaning to donate to the Campaign to End Childhood Hunger.

I think a little thankfulness for your own small joys will help create new movements, new actions, and new headlines that we will all be thankful for one day.

So today, I’m thankful for my lunch.

Via Oh She Glows.

Via Can You Stay for Dinner?
Via The Pioneer Woman.

3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. You are soooo right! It’s the little things that annoy us, so being thankful for little things can bring a lot of joy!!! Thanks Stacey!

  2. Stacey I love this!! Sooo poignant and so true! U have managed to make me feel happy as I cant fall back to sleep ( think I may now)! Ur inspiring and dead on! Thx girl! Keep it up! I appreciate the posts!

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