Via Googolplex.

No Excuse

Don’t tell me
you are not inspired.

That is no excuse.

Creativity doesn’t land;
it is earned.

So wrench your eyelids open
cackle at the keyboard
stomp your feet


You feel like you’re piling
stone upon stone
making nothing but an ugly
mountain of rock


from the top of it
at the end of a sweaty hour
suddenly a staggering view
a gift
a story unravels
for you
but not of you.

Write fast
creativity is not yours
to waste.

Via Bentlily. One Poem a Day.
Via burst and bloom.

Today is definitely not feeling like a Tuesday (hence the absence of Tasty Tuesday). I’m suffering from a dreadful case of the Mondays.    ….Anyone? Crickets? Been done, no longer funny.

Sometimes, I (clearly) need a little inspiration to kick off the week. Thank goodness for poetry blogs and motivational quotes. How do you get inspired?


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